Single Platform To Diversify Your Portfolio

Invest in Stocks, RIETs, Crypto, Bonds and Gold on a single platform.

Platform for Curated Investment Opportunities In All Asset Classes

Fins Amazing Features

Create Multiple Finboxes

Each Finbox will have a different percentage of asset class to satisfy all your investment needs.

Create your own Finbox

You can create your own Finbox according to your choice and preference.

Customise existing box

You can customise the finboxes according to your need and risk profile

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Invest in stock from various industries

REIT’s & InvIT’s

Easier and less risky way to invest into real estate


Bonds are secure as FD & has returns similar to equity market


Manage your events at the palm of your hand with our Oragniser App.


Crypto is the asset class of future


Invest in equity from various industries